speech: digital

speech: digital is a convenient modern format which gives access to all issues of speech: , including to the first issues, which are now a much sought-after bibliographical rarity. The electronic version of speech: magazine is available in App Store and Google Play.


The electronic version enables us to give our readers renewed access to issues from our archives. This is especially important given that each issue of speech: is dedicated not to a transient trend, but to a theme of global significance — meaning that each issue is able to retain its relevance over the course of many years.

speech: digital is available in App Store and Google Play. To download the digital version, enter ‘magazine speech’ in the search window in App Store and Google App. After acquiring an issue of the magazine and downloading it onto your mobile device, you will able to read it without connecting to the Internet — for instance, during a flight or while lying on the beach.

At the present moment, six issues of speech: are available in a digital version. These are four of the latest issues (speech#16: local, speech#15: sport, speech#14: kids and speech#13: metro) and two issues which are bibliographical rarities (speech#2: second life, which was published in partnership with Guardian, one of the major manufacturers of glass in the world, and speech#4: materiality, published with the support of Stone Wealth Management, who are experts in working with stone). In the future the virtual collection of issues on speech: digital will continue to grow — a good reason to watch out for updates.

speech: is the only Russian media platform whose subject is architecture and urban planning and which is available in three complementary versions: speech: magazine (on paper), speech: digital (digital version), and archspeech (website). Our printed magazine is a collector’s publication dedicated to the most pressing themes and points of view in architecture today. speech: digital gives readers instant access to materials published in our magazine. The Internet publication archspeech, which is available in two versions (for PCs and mobile devices), is a response to the architect’s current agenda; it lays out priorities and provides orientation in the flow of information.