speech: magazine

speech: is a magazine devoted to the most pressing themes and points of view in contemporary architecture, analyzing them comprehensively from the point of view of theory and practice, history and modernity, global trends and local particularities.


Each issue of speech: is entirely devoted to a single theme, which it explores in a comprehensive manner from the point of view of both Russian and world architectural practice. speech: offers Russian and foreign architects, cultural studies experts, architecture critics and historians, and experts from other fields with a close relation to architecture the opportunity to have their say. This approach means that each issue is a kind of almanac, which is free of informational journalism tied to the present moment: each theme is examined not just in the light of individual buildings, but through detailed analytical and historical surveys and extensive interviews with well-known architects.

The authors who write for speech: are leading architecture critics from Russia and Europe. All texts are accompanied by a full English translation and a wealth of illustrations.

The first ten issues of the magazine dealt with the bases of the architectural language (details, colour, ornamentation, materiality, load-bearing structures) and organization of urban space (urban squares, water, genius loci). From the 11th issue forwards, the magazine has studied the most relevant types of building in architecture today. The new series began with an issue on museums (speech#11), followed by issues on social housing (speech#12), metro systems (speech#13), architecture for children (speech#14), and sport (speech#15). For the 13th issue the magazine was given a facelift, becoming more open and illustrative.

The magazine’s educational concept is embodied in practice. The editorial board traditionally organizes special events to mark major occasions in the architectural life of Russia and the world such as the Moscow architecture biennale, ARCH Moscow, and Zodchestvo international festival. The publication of each issue of speech: is accompanied by a presentation at which the main event is a lecture by a leading western architect featured in the issue.

speech:, a professional twice-yearly magazine on architecture, was first published in 2008. Each issue contains 240-280 pages in Russian and English. The Internet publication archspeech was launched in 2014.

The founders of speech: and archspeech.com are architects Sergei Tchoban and Sergei Kuznetsov.

Editor in chief: Anna Martovitskaya

Art director: Igor Son

speech: is the only Russian media platform whose subject is architecture and urban planning and which is available in three complementary versions: speech: magazine (on paper), speech: digital (digital version), and archspeech (website). Our printed magazine is a collector’s publication dedicated to the most pressing themes and points of view in architecture today. speech: digital gives readers instant access to materials published in our magazine. The Internet publication archspeech, which is available in two versions (for PCs and mobile devices), is a response to the architect’s current agenda; it lays out priorities and provides orientation in the flow of information.