TOD’s Omotesando Building in Tokyo

The TOD’s Omotesando Building in Tokyo designed by the Toyo Ito’s workshop studio is noted for its dynamic façade design, among other things. The facades are lined with an asymmetric pattern of concrete braces. The rectangular building seems to be wrapped in the network of concrete.

TOD’s Omotesando Building in Tokyo

But the silhouette of this building is quite typical of the Omotesando Boulevard. The narrow high- rise structure is fitted into a small L-Shaped site. Many luxurious shops and stores lining this street have similar proportions. Sites here are expensive and rarely offered for sale. An opportunity to build a boutique in this part of Tokyo would be a true success for any company.

But the Toyo Ito’s creation nevertheless differs markedly from the surrounding glass prisms.

By his own admission, the architect was bored with the undecorated, emphatically inorganic facades of modernist buildings that expressed merely a pure idea of surface and nothing more. That is why the architect’s task was to create an expressive, integrated image of the building in spite of the restrictions imposed by the irregular- shaped site, and also by the intensification of energy and rich content that are often absent from «glass architecture». Having rejected the traditional variant of the strict division into transparent and opaque areas, the architect tried another approach, at once practical and metaphysical, to wall design.

 Interior view of the staircase passage between the 2nd and the 3rd floors

Interior view of the staircase passage between the 2nd and the 3rd floors © toyo ito & associates, architects

The view overlooking Omotesando Boulevard

The view overlooking Omotesando Boulevard © toyo ito & associates, architects

The shop interior, ground floor

The shop interior, ground floor © toyo ito & associates, architects

Main image: © toyo ito & associates, architects