Archspeech is an innovative resource among Russian media that covers architecture, urban planning, and design.


We are innovative both in content and in form — on a daily basis, we create high-quality informative and inspirational materials, which create an encyclopedia of architecture and an encyclopedia for architects. We believe that today there is no shortage of information. On the contrary, there is an overabundance of it and so our mission is to help architects in this information flow, setting priorities and making guides. We show which tools (in the literal and figurative sense) architects can use to create high-quality solutions.

Focus on professionals

archspeech is focused primarily on practicing architects, with special attention being paid to issues of the profession and industry. The question of whether it is worth it to work for free, or how models can help in the work process, is of interest to many architects. In addition, attention is given to new materials and technologies, as well as a variety of solutions that help architects in their daily work. We understand that our readers need not only informative, but also inspiring articles.

Setting priorities

archspeech’s task is to help architects in the flow of information, and not to simply inundate them with a stream of projects and news. In addition to featuring the most interesting Russian and foreign projects, we also compile various ratings, reviews, and threads on a variety of subjects and typologies that help in guiding architects. The clean interface of the online publication makes it easy to navigate the site: you can quickly create a collection on a topic of interest, or you can randomly move from one project to another in search of inspiration.

Relevance and innovation

archspeech is an architect’s up-to-date agenda in an innovative feed. We are in tune with the times — both in the tone of materials and in their formats, and in the visual design of the online publication. We are one of the few Russian online publications on architecture that presents two versions at once — full-screen and mobile. We offer unique opportunities to our partners, enabling them to most successfully engage with the audience. Republishing press releases, placing banners — all of these basics are kept to a minimum on archspeech. We are always working on new formats, seeking to provide our users content in the most effect manner.

archspeech online publication is an award recipient in leading professional competitions — Rating Runet 2014 in the category Culture, Art and Society (2nd place) and Golden Site 2015 in the category The Best Thematic Media (2nd place).

speech: is the only Russian media platform whose subject is architecture and urban planning and which is available in three complementary versions: speech: magazine (on paper), speech: digital (digital version), and archspeech (website). Our printed magazine is a collector’s publication dedicated to the most pressing themes and points of view in architecture today. speech: digital gives readers instant access to materials published in our magazine. The Internet publication archspeech, which is available in two versions (for PCs and mobile devices), is a response to the architect’s current agenda; it lays out priorities and provides orientation in the flow of information.